University of Bonn Argelander Scholarships 2023/2024

The Argelander Scholarship for 2023 is open for application. The University of Bonn is accepting applications for the Argelander Scholarships from doctoral students from Africa, Latin America, and Asia for the 2023/24 school session. The award offers opportunities to stay in Bonn for academic research.

What is an Argelander Scholarship?

The scholarship scheme is aimed at providing funds for doctoral candidates from nations in  Africa, Latin America and Asia to promote scientific exchange with partners, especially relatively marginalized regions in terms of scientific production and promote international cooperation in the priority regions indicated in the partnership strategy.

The funding is intended to intensify scientific cum academic collaborations between Bonn scientists and partners in the above–mentioned regions, and expand such collaborations to the promotion of early-career researchers. A formal or informal cooperation agreement exists between the home institute of the doctoral candidate and the host institute in Bonn when the application is submitted.


  1. Doctoral candidates pursuing a PhD at a university or a research institute in Africa, Latin America or Asia.
  2. Doctoral candidates pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Bonn are not eligible for funding.
  3. Recipients of the funding should complete their doctoral studies at their home university (to avoid brain drain).

Required Documents

To apply for the Argelander Scholarship, these documents are required:

  1. An online form
  2. A Project description (maximum of 8 pages), consisting of:
  • Research project outline to be worked on during your stay in Bonn (please write for a multidisciplinary audience). 
  • Reasons for the host to invite you as a doctoral candidate.
  • An outline of how you will be integrated at the host institute as a doctoral candidate (place of work, participation in the institute’s teaching and research activities), and an outline of how the project will be supervised in Bonn.
  1. A CV and motivational letter of the doctoral candidate (PDF)

How to Apply

If you’re qualified and interested, you can visit the University of Bonn website, to apply. 

Note that the application must be submitted by a full-time professor from the University of Bonn. Doctoral candidates must submit a signed motivational letter.

Selection Criteria

  1. Academic Quality cum Mutual Benefit: 

The quality of the research project to be worked on during the study and stay in Bonn; relevance of the research topic to developments in the region of origin; scholars’ contribution to academic life in Bonn ( public lectures, seminars); scholar’s integration into the host institute (place of work, integration into existing teaching and research activities) and into a supervision concept 

  1. 2. Strategic Relevance and Potential for Future Cooperation: 

This involves the intensity of cooperation; plans for long-term research relationships between scholar and the host institute in Bonn; connection to Bonn’s research profile; and how the research will be shared with broader academic communities 

Please note that preference will be given to the project with a higher score in the category ‘academic quality and mutual benefit’ in the case of nexus between the two proposals.


May 3, 2023


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