Unwanted Pregnancy: Best Steps To Follow To Prevent Pregnancy During Sex

Pregnancy is a major concern for many couples who are sexually active. While there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing pregnancy, there are several methods that can help reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

One of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy during sex is by using contraception such as condoms or birth control pills.

Condoms not only provide protection against STDs but also act as a barrier method against sperm entering the vagina and causing conception.

Unwanted Pregnancy

When used correctly, condoms have been shown to be up to 98% effective in preventing pregnancies if used consistently and correctly every time you have sex.

Birth control pills work similarly by releasing hormones into your body that stop ovulation from occurring so eggs cannot be fertilized even if sperm enters the uterus through intercourse or other means like oral sex or manual stimulation without ejaculation inside her vagina.

Both these methods should always be discussed with your doctor before use and should never substitute for safe sexual practices like abstinence from unprotected activities such as anal/oral/vaginal intercourse without any form of protection including dental dams, gloves etc.

Apart from using contraceptives, it’s important for both partners involved in sexual activity understand their own fertility cycles so they can plan accordingly around times where either partner may be more likely conceive due to higher levels of hormones present within their bodies at certain points throughout each month (ovulatory period).

This knowledge will allow them make informed decisions about when they do decide engage in unprotected activities – which could still result in unintended pregnancies despite taking precautions – since knowing one’s cycle makes it easier identify days where chances conception much lower than usual depending on how regular menstrual cycles occur individual person.

Additionally practicing mutual monogamy between two people helps greatly reduce risk transmitting STDs while simultaneously providing greater peace mind overall relationship dynamics because neither partner has worry about potential health risks associated with multiple partners outside primary relationship dynamic itself..

In conclusion, having open communication between both parties engaging consensual intimate relations essential making sure everyone involved aware all possible outcomes that come along being physically intimate another person; this includes discussing forms contraception available them order ensure prevent unintended pregnancies happen whenever possible.

Ultimately though responsibility lies solely upon individuals themselves take necessary steps protect themselves any negative consequences might arise out unplanned parenthood situation arises unexpectedly!

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