University Of Montreal Offers Scholarship Of Up To 100% For International Students

University Of Montreal Offers Scholarship Of Up To 100% For International Students

The University of Montreal (UdeM), in Canada, has a scholarship program aimed at international students, which exempts students from paying any fees or monthly fees. The objective of the aid is to facilitate the integration of the best talents from all countries into the institution and support exchange students.

The opportunity, called “UdeM Exemption Scholarship”, has been offered by the university since 2020. The institution was named one of the 100 best in the world, according to the Times Higher Education ranking, affiliated with the British newspaper The Times.

About the scholarship

According to the University of Montreal, the scholarship was created with the focus of enriching the cultural diversity of its student body. For now, however, the aid is not definitive: it will be applied to international students who register to study at the university until the winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) of 2023.

The aid is aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and is based on the academic performance of students applying for a place at UdeM. Therefore, the value may vary according to the academic record provided by the student at the time of registration, reaching up to 100% discount on annual fees.

Based on this criterion, the university classifies exchange students enrolled in undergraduate courses into three levels: A, B and C, each with a different discount. For postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorate), the differentiation in discounts is based on the number of course credits.

Who can apply for the UdeM Exemption Scholarship and how?

The opportunity is open to any and all international students who receive an acceptance letter to study at the University of Montreal. Therefore, the only requirements are that the candidate is not Canadian or has a permanent residence visa, is enrolled in a full course at the institution and does not receive any other type of aid.

It is not necessary to make a separate application for the scholarship. This means that, as soon as you submit your application to study at university and are approved, you are automatically competing for the opportunity. Therefore, there is no specific deadline for requesting assistance: the deadline for enrollment at UdeM.

Step by step to register at UdeM

Check out the step-by-step guide below to apply for a place at the University of Montreal and receive the UdeM Exemption Scholarship:

Send your documents to the university

To begin your application and admission process, use the “ HYPERLINK “” \o “”Compass” section on the University of Montreal website. There, you will find an interactive checklist that describes all the registration steps. Before filling out the application form, however, check the application deadlines and check the admission requirements for the study programs you are interested in.

Track your application and receive an offer of admission

A few days after submitting your admission application, you will receive your “Student Center” username and password. This is the platform where you can follow your application and receive your acceptance letter.

Accept the offer of admission to begin the assessment

As previously stated, you do not need to apply separately for the UdeM Exemption Scholarship. New applicants’ documents will be automatically evaluated to determine eligibility and scholarship exemption amount.

Receive confirmation of the scholarship and the amount available

After receiving your offer of admission, the University of Montreal will inform you shortly, via email, of the value of the scholarship to which you are entitled. Please print and keep this document in a safe place as it may be useful for future conferences.

Normally, to enroll at the University of Montreal, you need to send documents such as academic transcripts, the result of a proficiency test in French (or English, in some cases) and letters of recommendation. The complete list of materials, however, can be found on the institution’s website.

Find out more about the scholarship and the application process at UdeM by clicking here.

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