The easiest ways to immigrate to Canada

The easiest ways to immigrate to Canada

The easiest ways to immigrate to Canada

Every year thousands of immigrants are moving to Canada permanently or in search of achieving this goal. Living in a new country can be a challenge, as to make any type of change you need to do a lot of research and planning. If you want to know the easiest ways or what it takes to move to immigrate to Canada, this post is for you!

What type of visa is needed?

The type of visa shows exactly what we are going to do in a country. Those who have a tourist visa have a period of time to stay within their territory, however, you cannot work or reside for a long time.

To be able to live and  work  in Canada, you need a visa that allows you to stay in the country permanently. It is possible to obtain a student or work visa or even immigrate while still in your home country.

What will you need? A lot of planning, fluency (or almost) in English and/or French, a financial reserve and (highly recommended) an immigration consultant. You are not obliged to hire an immigration consultant to immigrate to Canada, however this professional can help you realize your dream more efficiently, and without errors, as he has in-depth knowledge of the laws, requirements and has the experience to assist you throughout the process.

Easiest ways to immigrate to Canada

Immigrate through Express Entry

There are different ways to immigrate to Canada. You can try through  Express Entry,  which is a system that separates people who are interested in moving to Canada into the  Federal Skilled Worker,  Canadian Experience Class  and  Federal Skilled Trades programs.

With Canada’s new federal immigration system,  express entry, the country has made the profile of people who can enter its territory clearer.

Each of these profiles has a number of points. Thus, people are placed in a ranking and Canadian immigration issues an invitation to anyone who has a certain score to begin the immigration process.

Immigrate as a student

This is the most common path chosen by immigrants. However, it is the most expensive of them.

Being  a student  at a foreign university has its advantages that end up being worth it, as you can “build” your immigration.

You can choose the  career college,  which is equivalent to a technical course, the  college,  the faculty or the  university,  which corresponds to the university. If you do not yet have the minimum level of English or French required by the educational institution, you can start your process by studying the language before entering college, which is called a  Pathway.

Once enrolled, some programs offer the possibility for you to work part -time, your spouse can receive permission to work full-time, the  Open Work Permit (OWP)  and your children can study for free in public schools.

After graduating, you can apply for a work visa (called a Post-Graduation Work Permit) which can last up to 3 years. Basically, during this period, you apply for the Express Entry process and can also look for a job in a company that can act as your sponsor, that is, that can carry out your immigration process as an employee of that company.

Of course, there are many variables and the important thing is to know that not just any college or university will give you these rights. Therefore, a  college consultant  can help you choose the right institution for you.

Immigrate through the provinces

The government sets standards that must be followed. However, provinces in Canada have the autonomy to create their own immigration process, the  Provincial Nominee Program  (PNP).

Each province has its own rules regarding job offers, the profession that is in demand in the locality,  language proficiency  and the need for financial proof.

To find out what they are, you must seek professional help to understand the rules and find out which one fits you best. Therefore, hiring an agency specialized in immigration to Canada is essential, as each person has specific characteristics that can influence when carrying out this process.


As we have seen, moving to Canada is a process that requires many adaptations and takes time. All the necessary information is available free of charge on the Canadian Immigration website, in English and French.

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