The 8 Top Types Of Nursing home caregiver jobs to consider

The 8 Top Types Of Nursing home caregiver jobs to consider

A nursing home caregiver, also called a companion works to care for the elderly, as well as the sick and disabled. The work involves monitoring, giving medicine, making and serving their meals, taking care of their well-being, health, hygiene and leisure and also helping them with day-to-day tasks. This professional does not require specific training to work, however, when hiring, many families require or even demand that the caregiver have courses in the area, which could be nursing, first aid or even specifically a degree in nursing. Currently, there are specific courses on care and support for the elderly or people with disabilities. Therefore, for this professional to develop and stand out in the area, it is necessary for them to always be updating themselves and taking courses that add to their field of activity, participating in workshops, lectures, etc.

Nursing Home Caregiver Jobs

Nursing homes employ a variety of staff and different specialties to care for their residents.  From medical professionals to administrative support staff, nursing homes need employees with a variety of skills and qualities.  Knowing what jobs nursing homes offer can help you find the best position for your skill set.  Without lingering, here are the list of common nursing home jobs and tips for getting a job in a nursing home.

Certified nursing assistant

A CNA, is responsible for helping nursing home residents manage basic tasks.  As a Certified nursing assistant

, your job duties include tasks such as taking daily vital signs, helping residents use the bathroom, and helping residents change clothes.

National average salary: $34,329 per year

Public health nurse

A public health nurse is responsible for overseeing the overall well-being of the entire facility.  They work with a community population rather than individual patients to ensure health and safety.  As a public health nurse, your job duties include overseeing general nursing protocols and making suggestions for improving care.

National average salary: $67,482 per year

Clinical nurse

A clinical nurse is responsible for ensuring that the nursing home meets all of the residents’ medical needs.  As a clinical nurse, your job duties include providing general health assessments to residents, collaborating with other members of the medical team, and ensuring that all residents receive the specific care they need.

National average salary: $77,200 per year

Nursing home administrator

A nursing home administrator is responsible for managing all aspects of the nursing home.  As a Nursing home administrator, your job duties include ensuring all employees meet their work standards, overseeing scheduling, and maintaining the quality of care at the facility.

National average salary: $85,359 per year

Nurse practitioner

A nurse is responsible for providing holistic care to nursing home residents.  As a Nurse practitioner, your job duties include assessing the general health of residents, administering treatment and medications as needed, and collaborating with other medical professionals in patient care.

National average salary: $116,443 per year

Psychiatric nurse

A psychiatric nurse is responsible for helping residents manage their mental health disorders or problems.  As a psychiatric nurse, your job duties include meeting with residents about their symptoms or diagnoses, providing treatment, and working with other medical professionals to ensure holistic care.

National average salary: $75,920 per year

Wellbeing Director

A wellness director is responsible for ensuring that nursing home residents have adequate wellness resources and supports.  In this role, you ensure programming meets standards and regulations, overseeing wellness programs, and collaborating with other staff members.

National average salary: $68,425 per year


As a housekeeper, your job duties include maintaining the cleanliness of nursing home facilities.  Housekeepers’ common duties include changing sheets, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, and taking out trash.

National average salary: $34,205 per year

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