Passive Income: 5 Easiest ways to make thousands of dollars while sleeping

If you are yet to start desiring to earn passive income, you really have to start dreaming of it.

Passive income earning is the easiest way to make money that everybody should desire to be a part of.

A man once said, if you don’t make money while you sleep, you may leave the surface of the earth working for someone.

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  • What is passive income
  • Importance of passive income
  • Who can earn passive income
  • 5 Ways to earn passive income
  • Examples of people earning passive income

What is passive income

Passive income is the money earned without being actively involved in it. Passive income can also be described as the money earned while you sleep, it is described this way because it is earned without you being actively involved in making it and what you get without being fully involved in getting it, you can as well get it while you sleep.

For example, whenever I wake up from sleep and discover that my bank account has been credited with some money and I know very well and I’m sure that I did not work for anybody to have sent the money to my bank account and I also know that the money is not a payment for any task I completed for anyone rather, the money just got sent into my account without me actively working for it, that is passive income and it was earned while I was sleeping.

Now you can see what the man meant when he talked about making money while you sleep because it requires little no stress.

Importance of Passive Income

Earning passive income is very important in everybody’s life, if everyone could be earning passively the world would have been a better place because everybody will just be sleeping and having fun while their bank accounts are being credited.

Passive income assures you of adequate rest and ample time for other personal activities.

When you start earning passive income you won’t have to stress yourself going for a 9 to 5 job because it will no longer be necessary doing it since you are already getting the money for which you are doing it even without stress.

Earning passive income helps you spend enough time with your spouse and loved ones unlike when you are business at work with being able to attend to your family.

Earning passively assures you of having a secured future and an old age of less stress. It makes me feel sad seeing aged people doing hard labour just to feed their families and meet their financial needs but passive income keeps one away from that.

Earning passive income makes you a boss of yourself, no boss to order you around or embarrass you.

Passive income is something everyone should be involved in because their are several benefits attached to it.

Who Can Earn Passive Income

Anyone can earn passive income, all that is needed to taking the right steps and doing it the right way.

5 Ways To Earn Passive Income

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-book Selling
  • YouTube
  • Facebook


Blogging is an act of posting solution based articles in a website. As a blogger, you are to look for problems and providing solutions to them through your blog.

There are two types of blog

Blogger blog

WordPress blog

Blogger blog is one created on blogger, this platform for creating a blog is absolutely free and belongs to Google, it is regulated by Google and as such, there are rules that must be kept while using it.

Blogger blogs have limited monetization offers which makes WordPress ahead more preferred by many.

WordPress blog is a paid but more advanced kind of blog. To build a blog on WordPress, you need to buy a custom domain name and hosting plan.

Here are the hosting companies we recommend

Affiliate Marketing

This is a situation where by you get an affiliate link from a brand’s website, if you invite anyone and your invitee patronizes the brand, you will be paid a certain percentage of whatever your invitee pays the brand.

Affiliate marketing can make you rich overnight if you do it the right way. So start registering as an affiliate marketer under the websites of popular brands, get an affiliate link from them and start advertising to get referrer/affiliate earnings.

E-book Selling

This involves selling of soft copies of books online to make a lot of passive income. You don’t necessarily need to write an ebook to start selling, there are websites where you can get already written and published books for free.

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All you need is download the free ebook from the site, change the title and start selling on Amazon Kindle Publisher to earn passive income.


YouTube has made so many people millionaire through their their monetized channel.

Whenever you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube places adverts on the video and pays you for advertising on your video.

However, it’s not everyone that uploads a video on YouTube that is eligible to earn from the video, to start making money on YouTube through your videos, you have to meet some requirements which are having a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours without which you may not be able to earn from YouTube.

Once the requirements are met, start watching your money grow while you sleep.


YouTube can also earn a lot of money passively on Facebook through your unique videos just like YouTube, all you have to do is meet the requirements which are having a Facebook page that is up to 30 days old, a minimum of 10,000 followers and 600,000 watch minutes which is approximately 10,000 watch hours unlike Facebook.

Examples Of People Earning Passive Income

Mark Zuckerberg

This name always rings a bell and is know all over the world. He doesn’t really have to do much yet he earns so much money passively daily.

Linda Ikeja

She is a popular successful female blogger, she doesn’t have to stress herself anymore before making money rather she can be anywhere a be making so much money.


Create a niche that will enable you to earn passively on the long run, the start may be rough and discouraging but with consistency you will also sleep while earning passive income from that niche.

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