Davido’s Unjustifiable Criticisms Of Oyetola Signify Absolute Lack Of Home Training, Drug-Induced – APC Youth Leader.

All Progressives Congress, APC, Youth Leader, Mumeen Tiamiyu Omoluabi has described Mr. David Adeleke’s, otherwise known as Davido verbal attack on Governor Adegboyega Oyetola as unjustifiable.

He also said that it shows lack of home training on the part of Davido, saying that only a young man on drugs would take on a man old enough to be his father in that manner.

In a response to Davido’s outburst, Omoluabi who is the Youth Leader of the APC in Olorunda Local Government Area of the State, noted that “if the story credited to Mr. David Adeleke popularly known and addressed as ‘Davido’, a music star, where he described the Osun State sitting governor, Mr Gboyega Oyetola, as ‘a bad human being’ as it was published in some newspapers today and online, is anything to go by, there is more to it than meets the eyes.”

It would be recalled that Davido criticised the State Governor Gboyega Oyetola whereby he called him unprintable names simply because the sitting Governor is challenging the victory of his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, on the July 16, 2022 governorship election in the State.

Omoluabi further said: “Information has revealed that Davido had crititised and abused Governor Oyetola copiously in the recent past in his bid to take side with his uncle, Senator Adeleke.

“It was a pity that Davido could descend so low to pour needless invectives and vituperations on someone who not only enjoys constitutional superiority over his so-called uncle who is a glaring embarrassment to mankind because of the negative aspects of his life.

“The Davido’s needless abuses of Oyetola is a clear inference that he lacks a home training or he refuses to imbibe the ethos of culture of respect and Omoluabi for which the Yoruba people are known for worldwide.

“In Yorubaland, acquisition of money and fame is not the only parameter or standard to measure the success of a properly-trained human being.

“By the Davido’s needless vituperations on Governor Oyetola, it is an indication that the acclaimed international music star is a monumental disappointment to Yoruba culture and tradition as it is noted that his being raised abroad must have denied him the imbibement of necessary attributes required to function effectively in the society.

“It is a pity that Davido with a pathological running mouth is proud of his uncle who sat for a questionable school certificate examination at 60 plus and was accused of examination malpractices where he could only make an F9 in one subject.

“It is equally sad that Davido is proud of his embattled uncle who stated that he passed both a diploma and degree courses in criminology within an interval of 24 days in an American university which is now a subject of litigation at an ongoing governorship election petition tribunal in Osun State.

“It was also a pity that Davido who should bury his head in shame should engage in constantly and needlessly pouring of vituperations on the sitting governor who is not only more lettered than his father and his uncle who is a disgrace to humanity because of the several baggages in his life in all ramifications.

“It’s high time that the Adeleke Dynasty of Ede held an urgent family meeting where some of the basic traditional and cultural Yoruba values that Davido missed because of his faulty and maladjusted parentage would be forced into his bastardized head.

“Davido should be aware that Governor Oyetola too has successful adult children who are remarkable success in their own right but would not descend so low to either attack or abuse elderly persons in the name of politics because of their qualitative parentage training.

“It is only a drug-drenched mind like Davido who could engage in flagrantly abusing the respectable governor who is older than his father with impunity.

“If I may ask the loquacious Davido who apparently is not the only grandchild in his extended family, how he would feel if someone should pour vituperations on Dr Deji Adeleke, his father, in the name of politics.

“Davido is assured that when next he abuses Governor Oyetola, there would be no any justifiable reason not to take his own father to the cleaners. It is a warning. My honest advice for Davido is to go and look for a solid Muslim cleric or a powerful Seventh-Day Adventist pastor whose prayers would deliver him from the family generational curses that are ubiquitous in his extended family if he’s keenly observant enough.

“Half a word is enough for the wise. Davido urgently needs deliverance,” Omoluabi added

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