Create a Blog: How to create a world class blog yourself – 100% complete guide

Do you want to learn how to create a blog?

To  create a blog is easier than you can ever imagine, in this article I will be sharing with you how you can create a blog yourself, not just a blog but a world class blog.

It is very important you create your blog yourself so that you will be able to make some corrections when some things go wrong, avoid being denied full access to your blog by your developer for some reasons, give your blog the look you desire for it and avoid manipulations by some developers.

Creating your blog yourself will save you a lot of money, help you know how to create more blogs and gradually usher you into the website development world that you will be able to create blogs for others.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website dedicated to providing solutions to several problems people encounter in their daily lives.

A blog is also a website where people go to learn a lot of things, skills, how to solve certain issues and find answers to a lot of questions. You too can own a blog where you will be providing solutions to people’s problems, finding answers to people’s questions and dishing out values depending on the niche of your blog.

There are two platforms where a blog can be created which are:

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

1. Blogger

This is a platform where you can create a free blog. Blogger is owned by Google which regulates the way the blog is run.

A blog created on blogger has limited features than that created on WordPress. You can’t really get all you desire on a blog when you are using a blogger blog because it’s free and since it’s free you have to manage whatever you get from it but that doesn’t mean you won’t get good features from blogger but it’s good to have a blogger blog for a start and if you have not got enough money to have a WordPress blog.

But if you really want to make money blogging, WordPress will give you the complete monetization features you need but you can still monetize a blogger blog.

How To Create A Blogger Blog

Creating a blogger blog is very simple, all you need to do is visit Blogger, log in with your gmail account and you will see the ‘create’ option, click it to create a blog, when the blog is created, give it the title you desire and choose a theme and template for your new blog and you are good to go.

You can also download a premium theme and upload it to your blogger blog and get it installed.

Wait no more, create a free blog now on blogger and start your blogging career.

2. WordPress

A lot of top blogs you see were created on WordPress because has the complete features needed to create a blog and a lot of monetization features

Unlike Blogger, WordPress has so many ways it’s users can easily make a lot of money. To create a world class blog, you need WordPress.

To have a WordPress blog you need to have a custom domain name and a hosting plan. Examples of domain name are,,

A domain name contains the name you want your website to bear attached with either a .com,, .ng, .xyz, etc.

To buy a domain name and hosting plan, we recommend the following hosting companies, you can buy both domain name and hosting from them.

To buy a domain name and hosting plan, click one of the hosting companies and start your journey to having a world class blog.

After successfully purchasing a domain name and hosting plan, a mail will be sent to you containing your cpanel’s details.

If you don’t get the mail containing your cpanel’s details immediately, wait for some time, it will arrive.

Every custom domain needs a maximum of 48 hours to propagate before it can be ready for use, hence, after receiving the cpanel’s details you have to wait for a maximum of 2 days to be able to create your blog.

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To create your blog, log into your cpanel with the details sent to your email upon your successful registration and purchase of domain and hosting, locate WordPress option in your cpanel and install a WordPress site from your cpanel using your new domain name.

After installing your new WordPress site, log into your new blog dashboard to give your new blog a dashing look by clicking the menu button, clicking appearance and under appearance, customize to start by changing your theme.

When the customize page opens, you will see change, click it and it will take you to where to choose between installed and WordPress theme, choose WordPress theme to have access to thousands of themes from which you can find the theme that best suits your new blog.

After choosing a theme, install and preview it before activating. After activating, clicking the options in the customize page to make your new blog look as beautiful as you desire it to look.

Feel free to comment on this post if you need any form of assistance.

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